Trailblazer of the Year

Everything that has been done is geared up to extend and push the boundaries of innovation in the fitness industry. It is about delivering impact and new initiatives within the community through concise strategy and design thinking. This award recognises a trailblazing professional, initiative or programme that is pioneering or even disrupts the industry.

**The Vanguard Category is an honourary award that recognises individuals and teams that has made an impact in the community and is at the forefront of change. As such the awards in this category are open to nominations but not voting. Winners are strictly decided by the Fitness Best Awards Organising Committee. The Vanguard awards are exclusive to the National Awards only.

Judging Criteria

  • Game changer
  • Approach and objectives
  • Strategy
  • Benefits
  • Effectiveness
  • Participation rates
  • Regional presence and reach
  • Contribution to society /community
  • COVID-19 response initiative
  • Safety measures taken
  • How business has pivoted in the new norm

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