Popularity Award

Fitness Best #GOALS Award (Below 40 Years Old) - Dana Safia (Singapore)
Fitness Best #ICON Award (40 Years Old & Above) - Novita Tandry (Indonesia)

Individual Award

Fitness Best Elite Award - Pilates Instructor of the Year - Jerry Teo (Singapore)
Fitness Best Elite Award - Yoga Instructor of the Year - Saumik Bera (Singapore)
Fitness Best Elites Award - Group Exercise Leader of the Year - Jaenny Chandra (Singapore)
Fitness Best Trendsetter Award - Social Media Influencer of the Year - Iko Uwais (Indonesia)
Fitness Best Elites Award - Personal Trainer of the Year (Female) - Elinn S Ahmad (Singapore)
Fitness Best Elites Award - Personal Trainer of the Year (Male) - Glenn Ang (Singapore)
Fitness Best ROAR Award - Revolution of Asian Regime - Damiana ‘Dotty’ Widowati (Indonesia)

Fitness Facility Award

Fitness Best Powerhouse Award - Pilates Studio of the Year - Breathe Pilates (Singapore)
Fitness Best Lotus Award - Yoga Studio of the Year - Yoga Movement (Singapore)
Fitness Best Gladiator Award - Martial Arts Gym of the Year - The Studio by JAB (Hong Kong)
Fitness Best Risen Award - Sports Rehabilitation Facility of the Year - UFIT Clinic (Singapore)
Fitness Best Maverick Award - Specialized Gym/Studio of the Year - E’s Fitness (Singapore)
Fitness Best Five-Star Award - Preferred Hotel Fitness - Gaharu Gym, Tentrem Hotel (Indonesia)
Fitness Best Ovation Award - Gym of the Year - BASE Bangkok (Thailand)

Vanguard Award

Athlete of the Year - Melanie Putria
Para-Athlete of the Year - Rani Puji AstutiI
Inspiring Community Campaign - Car Free Day
Lifetime Achievement in Fitness - Rudy Hartono

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