Fitness Facility Award

Fitness Best Powerhouse Award - Pilates Studio of the Year - Integrated Body Arts Pilates (Philippines)
Fitness Best Lotus Award - Yoga Studio of the Year - Pure Yoga (Hong Kong)
Fitness Best Gladiator Award - Martial Arts Gym of the Year - UFC Gym Vietnam (Vietnam)
Fitness Best Risen Award - Sports Rehabilitation Facility of the Year - UFIT Clinic (Singapore)
Fitness Best Five-Star Award - Preferred Hotel Fitness Facility - W Bali Seminyak (Indonesia)
Fitness Best Maverick Award - Specialized Gym/ Studio of the Year - BodyTree GST (Singapore)
Fitness Best Ovation Award - Gym of the Year - EnergyOne (Singapore)

Individual Award

Fitness Best Elites - Pilates Instructor of the Year - Daniel Chan (Singapore)
Fitness Best Elites - Yoga Instructor of the Year - Grace Sam (Malaysia)
Fitness Best Elites - Group Exercise Leader of the Year - Benjamin Tang (Singapore)
Fitness Best Trendsetter Award - Social Media Influencer of the Year - Jason Chee (Singapore)
Fitness Best Elites - Personal Trainer of the Year (Female) - Zorica King (Hong Kong)
Fitness Best Elites - Personal Trainer of the Year (Male) - Ben Xiao (Singapore)

Brands Award

Fitness Best Most Trusted Nutrition Distributor of the Year - Fitlion
Fitness Best Most Popular Fitness Apparel Brand of the Year - Adidas
Fitness Best Mean-Machine Award - Most Popular Equipment Brand of the Year - Life Fitness

Vanguard Award

Fitness Best Impact Award - Inspiring Community Campaign - SportCares
Fitness Best Invictus Award - Athlete of the Year - Saiyidah Aisyah
Fitness Best Invictus Award - Para Athlete of the Year - Theresa Goh
Fitness Best Honorary Award - Special Achievement in Fitness - Syed Kadir

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