Athlete of the Year

We are on the look out to celebrate the individual who has a strong sense of discipline, grit and determination with an extraordinary focus on the goal. He or she espouses the desire to push beyond the impossible, in the fitness and personal realm, yet at the same time not forgetting to give back to the community. If you are in the know of such an individual, hit us up!

**The Vanguard Category is an honourary award that recognises individuals and teams that has made an impact in the community and is at the forefront of change. As such the awards in this category are open to nominations but not voting. Winners are strictly decided by the Fitness Best Awards Organising Committee. The Vanguard awards are exclusive to the National Awards only.

Judging Criteria

  • Expertise or specialisation
  • Awards, competition, championships
  • Knowledge of fitness and/or wellness
  • Product endorsements
  • Active participation in the community
  • Awards, competition, championships
  • Contribution to society/community

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